ZEE-HAA  LbNA # 58707

Placed DateJul 11 2011
LocationMcCord Walking Park, Lyles, TN
Found By crosscresent
Last Found Feb 19 2014
Hike Distance?

When my son was about 1 1/2 years old we played a game with animal cards. I would show him a card and if he got the name correct, he got to keep that card. I would hold up one and he would say "MONKEY" and then another he would say"Arriafe" which was a giraffe. His favorite was the zebra. He would get so excited and yell "ZEE-HAA" and we would all laugh.
His new wife loves zebra print and their house has several things decorated with zebra. I had her go on her first letterboxing adventure to help me hide ZEE-HAA. So, here it is.

Drive to Hickman County and go west on Hwy 100. About a mile past the only red light in East Hickman, there is McCord Walking Park on your right. Park in the lot and head toward the sign that says Trail Entrance. Go straight until you get to the trail that leads into the woods. Travel down the trail past a field on your right. Keep going. Walk over a rocky bridge and the trail will split. Take the trail to your right and walk up a hill. Look for a small path on the right that leads off into the woods. On the right of this path you will see a kids fort made of wood. Be very quiet or you will wake the dogs on the hill. Keep going and the path will end at the backyard of a house. There is a big flat rock at the end of the path, turn back around and take about 20 paces back down the path. On the right about 5 yards into the woods, there is a small stump with a hole in the middle of it. ZEE-HAA lives there.