Sun Over Stone  LbNA # 5873

Placed DateOct 1 2003
LocationStone Mt., GA
Found By Gizz
Last Found Nov 24 2007
Hike Distance?

There's a pretty hefty fee to enter Stone Mt. Park but once inside, park in the west parking lot and take the walk up trail, marked in yellow. Keep an eye open for a granite marker with a red arrow on it, on the right side of the trail. This is the Cherokee Trail and the blazes are all in white but the trail markers are in red, go figure. After following the trail for quite a distance over rock and crossing a gravel road, you will enter a woods, a deep woods not just a few trees. Watch for what looks to be a dried up stream bed with a good size really rotten log along it's far side (I'm told that this log is barely even deris as of 7-22-07). High on a tree (after the stream) is a sign that can be read from the other direction. From this sign walk uphill approximately 20 steps paralleling the log to a stump.

If you gently move a slab leaning on the stump, just a few inches, two stones will fall and let the sun appear. Be sure these rocks are back in place when you finish stamping in.

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