Lake Gregory  LbNA # 58768

OwnerBoo 2    
Placed DateJul 13 2011
CountySan Bernardino
LocationLake Gregory Dog Park & Fitness Trail, Crestline, CA
Found By Tonavwut
Last Found Jul 6 2014
Hike Distance?

Since Little Boo was an infant, our extended family (my brother’s family, my parents and our family) have rented a cabin in Crestline and spent a week enjoying the lake, family games, cousin produced shows and other quality bonding time. One of our favorite activities is to walk around the lake in the early part of the morning. Since we were on a family retreat, this stamp series became a family project, with Little Boo’s cousin, aunt, uncle and grandparents pitching to locate hiding locations, carve and devise creative stamp names. We hope you enjoy this beautiful tree lined path as much as we do.

• The full walking trail is 2.5 miles. The 5 stamps listed here are in the first 1.8 miles that encompass the fitness section of the trail.
• If you are a “duck” fan, bring some bread, you’ll find plenty of hungry ducks along the way.
• Bring gloves
• Please be careful to rebag the contents and return it safely to its hiding space.

Sir Early Bird (confirmed in place as of 7/7/2013)

Start at the Lake Gregory Regional Park “Dog Park and Fitness Trail” sign (south parking lot off of San Moritz Drive). As you begin your walk you will pass the dog park on the right. Continue on your journey past the “Sit Ups” fitness station. Soon you will see a bridge. Cross the bridge then stop and do a u-turn down the right embankment. Go under the bridge and reach up to your right. On the ledge under the bridge you will find a purple covered letter box.

I’m Hooked (Retired - After the box was removed)

B's Bee (New as of 7/12/2012 - Missing as of 7/7/2013)

** When looking "I'm Hooked" my nephew Brayden poked a small bee's nest and both he and his mom were stung my a bee (both are fine!). Hence we replaced "I'm Hooked" with "B's Bee" :)

Continue along the path past the Recycle and Trash bins. When you reach the huge tree in the middle of the path, turn around. Stand in front of the tree and walk 42 paces back up the trail. Look to the left to see a large tree with a small stump on its right. Dug into the ground (under leaves and pine needles) between the tree and the stump is a small, round (gray) letterbox!

Play Ball (Replanted on 7/12/2012 - Confirmed in place 7/7/2013)

Continue on the path, past the next fitness station toward the baseball diamond.

In a “Go Green” world, the 3 R’s are Reduce, Reuse & ______. Find the blue container near the baseball diamond containing this missing word. Stand at the back of the blue container. The magnetic letterbox is inside the left "foot" of the container.

Cruzin’ or Snoozin’ (confirmed in place as of 7/7/2013)

Continue past the ball field, near the parking lot where the path continues around the lake. Walk past the Step Up and Body Curl fitness station and continue down the hill where the water comes up from the lake (or is that out of a drain into the lake?). Look right to an embankment made of rock (real rocks, not a man – make wall of shaped stone). Walk approximately 20 steps up the right side of the rock embankment. About 1 ½ yards into toward the rock (across from where there is a cluster of three trees (and one of those trunks quickly splits into 2 making it look like 4 trunks)), locate a rock that looks like a ledge. Remove the smaller rock below. Under leaves and twigs is your treasure.

Shaded Beauty (confirmed in place as of 7/12/2013)

(This one was drawn by Little Boo and Grandpa and then carved by Grandpa (his first).

Continue on the path. Immediately following the Parallel Bar fitness station, there is a small footpath on the right that leads you off the main path into a tree formed “cave”. Stop at the first big tree on your left (it looks like it has fallen to its left). USE GLOVES. Reach under the trunk closest to the ground. Under the pine needles leaves and a few pieces of well placed bark, you’ll find a teal letter box.

Great job! You can continue up toward the street and finish the path on the other side of the bridge or turn around and head back (which is what we do).

We hope you enjoyed our latest letterboxes!
Boo 2