Buddy Holly's Grave  LbNA # 58833 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2011
LocationE 31 st and Teak, Lubbock, TX
Found Bynerdbird09 (Attempted)
Last UpdateAug 16 2013


Rock and Roll legend Buddy Holly is buried at the City of Lubbock Cemetery, not far from the entrance at the intersection of East 31st Street and Teak avenue. If you drive in to the cemetery, go to the right, and Buddy's grave is up front and well marked.

After you visit the grave, head back out of the cemetery. Right at the entrance, outside the cemetery there is a historical marker. Across the street from it, look at the low red brick decorative wall. If you look in the bushes near the wall, you should see the letterbox hidden under a small pile of rocks.