Beach Cliff  LbNA # 58847

Placed DateApr 1 2011
LocationRocky River Park, 20200 Beach Cliff Blvd, Rocky River, OH 44116, OH
Found By Saddle Bag
Last Found Oct 17 2011
Hike Distance?

Beach cliff
20200 Beach Cliff Blvd, Rocky River, OH 44116

1. Park anywhere in lot and use the lake as north. Walk south to the driveway entrance, then west along the street to the farthest west entrance, which is the 2nd walking path entrance. Here you start your travels. Continue on the west path, north, about half way. You are looking for the circle of life, where (Box #1) is the center of it. It’s not far from the path, roughly 4 paces on the left, and uses it's rings to tell it's age.

2. Continue north on the path to the deck. Take in the view from the deck. Then make your way down the stairs. At the last landing take a seat, and with your back on the bench, look for (Box#2), tucked up to the left side of the bench rest.

3. Continue down the stairs to the path (east). Where it re-joins in a 3-way intersection, face north west, and follow the grass ledge to the north west trail into the woods. At the edge of the woods, start counting the large rocks along the edge, from the first tree on the right. Continue into the woods! On your right will be a wood fort (or remnants of), and possibly some kids ready to battle to prevent your passage! About 20 feet past the fort (18 boulders total since entering the woods) you will see a retaining wall “rock of love” shaped similar to a heart and similar to Bret Michaels it is bald, but hard to see through the vegetation. The point of the rock should be facing you, pointing to the south. Facing the lake, get on a knee and hug the left side of the rock to find (Box #3).

4. Head back east on the trail, and make your way to the to the fart east end of the paved path where there are (2) swings. Continue past the swings to the lone tree near the end of the path. At the south-east base of the tree there is a buried piece of pavement (Box #4). Be careful not to disrupt the soil nearby, and re-hide well using rocks and soil.