Colbie and Roman's 1st Camping Trip  LbNA # 58855

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Placed DateJul 22 2011
LocationSebago Lake State Campground, Casco, ME
Found By Sojourner
Last Found Aug 6 2011
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Colbie's mom, Roman's mom and their uncle started camping at Sebago Lake State Campground 20 years ago! This year was Colbie and Roman's first trip to the campground and they had a blast!! Now their new tradition begins, they will be hiding a new letterbox each year somewhere inside the campground.
Colbie is 2 years old and was able to do this mile long hike no problem, so it is kid friendly.

Start by locating the Twin Brook Trail which is about halfway down the entrance road, on the right side, when coming from the park gate. You can ask a ranger for a map of the trails, however, please do NOT ask the ranger about the letterbox, they don't know about it. Once on the trail it will begin to curve to the right and you will pass under a fallen tree. This is where to start counting the light blue markers. After 4 markers you will have to pass over several large, fallen trees. After 2 more markers you will notice a very large rock to the right. A ways farther there is a muddy patch in the trail and you will walk over several moss covered rocks. Just past this patch of the trail there is a larger birch tree with a marker on it that is facing in the opposite direction. Find the next blue marker and directly to the right of this marker you will notice a large rock with a crevice under it. Check in the crevice to find this letterbox!!