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Cyclone Spirit  LbNA # 5886 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2003
LocationAmes, IA
Found By fishouttawater
Last Found Aug 25 2004
Hike Distance?

Cyclone Spirit

***REPORTED MISSING 11/27 - Will Check Soon!!!***


Difficulty/Time: Very Quick & Easy, all ages/skill levels

A short jaunt around tiny but scenic Lake Laverne on ISU campus, fairly Handicapped Accessible, Leashed Dogs Welcome
- Planted by Wolfmoon and canine friend

Welcome to Ames & Iowa State University! To get to Cyclone country from the North or South, take I-35 to 30 West, which will lead to the Iowa State University exit. Take a right/North on Elwood and follow it past the beautiful Reiman Gardens to the Iowa State Center complex which includes Hilton Coliseum, Jack Trice Stadium, Scheman Center/Brunnier Art Gallery, C.Y. Stephens Auditorium and Fisher Theatre. Turn left/West on Lincoln Way and head into campus. When you reach the Stoplight Intersection of Welch Avenue, turn right/North and go 1 block to a stop sign. Turn right/East onto Union Drive.

Parking can be a bit tricky - it is reserved along this road from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m Monday through Friday. Alternatives include the Memorial Union Parking Ramp or metered spots (cost 50 cents to a few bucks if you stay awhile). Should you get a ticket, mark it Guest for excusal. Be aware of overly friendly waterfowl/mammals, thin ice, and those crazy college kids.

Starting at the middle Streetlight on the North shore of Lake Laverne, find the Rock with plaque explaining our resident swans "Sir Lancelot & Elaine". Take the sidewalk to your right (West) and follow the curve of the lake as it heads towards the intersection of Lincoln Way and Welch Ave.

The Southwestern corner of the lake is surrounded by black chain link fencing. You will pass two black benches and a CyRide bus stop. Rather than heading straight on the sidewalk into the intersection, Curve left, hugging the lake where the flat, manicured paths will change surfaces from concrete to asphalt & gravel. Note the Lightposts to your left along the lake have white text on them (presumably for maintenance purposes) and stop at "AW 154".

Directly South across the path will be a knobby Red Pine tree. Walk straight ahead towards it and continue on. To your right straight ahead is a Red Oak and ahead on your left is an enormous sprawling Scotch pine. To your right/West is a scrubby piney low shrub. Under the backside you will find the Cyclone Spirit letterbox waiting patiently amidst the hubbub of college life, the serenity of Lake Laverne, and the chiming carillon Bells of Iowa State ringing on the hour. Take care not to be spotted as you discover and rehide.

After stamping in, you may wish to continue on around the pretty lake, visit the famous ISU Campanile, or stop in at the majestic Memorial Union. There are washrooms there as well as a food court. You may wish to learn about Iowa State legends and traditions - how students avoid stepping on the zodiac, kiss under the campanile at midnight, and walk in silence around Lake Laverne three times with their sweethearts. Welch Avenue and Lincoln Way offer places to shop, eat & drink in campustown. Cyclone folks are friendly and helpful...enjoy your visit to ISU and Ames, and please feel free to correspond! Let me know how the box is doing, if replenishment is needed, or perhaps send your personal stamp.

Enclosed there are postcards to send, and area maps/information along with the usual logbook, stamp, & inkpad. The token "First Finder" gift has been claimed, but the logbook now offers a few stamps to peruse!
Please keep the Cyclone Spirit alive and well by rehiding carefully.

*******NEWS FLASH: Cyclone Spirit Letterbox survives the Riots of Veishea 2004 (April 17th)! Yes, friends, our poor little letterbox sat privy to the uproar that is causing the famous student-run festival to be suspended for the first time ever. Brave Cyclone Spirit was mere feet away from rioters as they broke windows, set fires to dumpsters and destroyed lampposts on the corner of Welch Avenue and Lincoln Way. Have no fear: I can assure you it is a safe area. The tear gas is gone, the mess cleaned up. Unfortunate event, that. Let's hope it never happens again. Happy Hunting!!!**********************************

Thanks and Happy Trails/Happy Hunting! -Wolfmoon P.O. Box 293 Grimes, IA 50111
15th Letterbox in Iowa, 1st in Story County/Ames GO CYCLONES

***REPORTED MISSING 11/27 - Will Check Soon!!!***