A Walk In The Woods (Flagstaff Lake)  LbNA # 58870

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Placed DateJul 23 2011
LocationFlagstaff Lake, North New Portland, ME
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A Walk In The Woods (Flagstaff Lake)

GPS Coordinates to the Trail Head: N 45.18708 and W 70.16015
Take Long Falls Dam Road north from Rt. 16, North New Portland. You are looking for the Maine Huts & Trails Trail Head for Flagstaff Lake Hut. It will be on the left. Outhouse and ample parking at the trail head. Quality trail map on display, but you may want to call MHT and see if they can mail you a map or you can pick one up in their office on Rt. 27 in Kingfield, next to Trantons/Irving.

Just a couple notes: One need not stay as a guest at Maine Huts & Trails to find this box. The box is not located at the Lodge/Hut. To shorten the directions, I am using the MHT as a trail marker. We opted to take the Shoreline Trail. You may use various other trails to the location. You can bike to the box. You can also kayak or canoe to the box. From the trail head to the box, roundtrip, we measured 4.6 miles. Mostly level trails. I had my dog with me.

Following your chosen trail (We took the more scenic Shoreline Trail) to the MHT Flagstaff location. The trailhead is off of Long Falls Dam Road. Hikers and Bikers are welcome to stop at the MHT to use the restrooms and stock up on potable water (free). You may also purchase beer or wine or stay for lunch or supper. Even spend the night or more if you like. The huts are awesome and your four legged companions are also welcome.

From the front door of the Lodge head down the path towards the water and turn RIGHT following the trail sign for Hut Trail. A short ways along at the "Y", turn LEFT and travel the Birch Trail 3/10 mi to the end. At the "T" turn left and head towards the water. Cross the large bridge. At the far side of the bridge, take 14 steps (Robin's Nest steps) up the slight hill. Look to your left for three birches with a spruce. Between a birch and the spruce, under leaves, twigs, and three rocks, you will find the box. Here is a link to some photos. http://www.atlasquest.com/gallery/viewalbum.html?gAlbumId=2951

You may stamp up while sitting on the bridge. Bring your lunch and watch the beavers as they work on their nearby lodge. Enjoy the wilderness here. Late July has lots of wild blueberries in the area.