Peace, Baby!2  LbNA # 58880

Placed DateJul 19 2011
LocationMt. Sterling, OH
Found By beardog
Last Found Aug 29 2011
Hike Distance?

Dennison Chapel Cemetery is located just a short 3 miles south of the "Recess" series located at Fairfield School.
Enter the main entrance and after passing a multitrunked tree you will see a homemade wooden headstone for Becky Burlie on the left. This headstone has no significance to these boxes, but it was the first time I had ever seen an headstone that was homemade like this and thought you'd be intrested as well.
Now on to the boxes. Proceed on, stopping at the Thomas family. Take 30 steps in a NW direction to the empty urn of Frank and Maude. Its holding your prize, baby.
For box #2 proceed on the grassy road, looping around the back and finding the tree within a tree.
Please seal boxes tightly and re-hide well, thanks so much.