The End of Scott Cooley  LbNA # 58885

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJul 25 2011
LocationMiller Creek Cemetery, Johnson City, TX
Found By Giant Eyeball!
Last Found Apr 19 2016
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Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 25 yards

Here is the history of Scott Cooley, former Texas Ranger, who is buried in this Cemetery:
Birth: 1852 Oklahoma, USA
Death: Sep., 1876 Blanco County

Vigilante. Scott Cooley was born in Oklahoma. Orphaned in his early teens, he was adopted by a rancher named Tim Williamson, who took Cooley home with him to Mason County, Texas after a cattle drive. When he was old enough, Cooley joined the Texas Rangers, but soon resigned his commission after his stepfather Williamson was murdered in a range feud known as the "Mason County War" or "HooDoo War." Cooley sought out Deputy Sheriff John Worhle, who had allegedly led Tim Williamson into a fatal ambush. Cooley shot him dead, removed his scalp, and tossed his corpse down a well. Thereafter Cooley and his friends were in constant conflict with the German farmers of the Texas Hill Country area. Scott Cooley and Johnny Ringo were jailed in Burnet, Texas but were busted loose in the spring of 1876 by several members of the Cooley gang. Shortly after this Cooley tracked down and killed Peter Bader, a German farmer widely believed to have been the man who killed Tim Williamson. Cooley went down to Blanco County to lay low but turned up dead in September. His cause of death was listed as brain fever, but rumors circulate to this day that he was poisoned. Scott Cooley was 24 years old at the time of his death. (bio by: Dennis Rice)

From Johnson City, go south then east on Hwy 290. Just past McCall Creek, turn left on Miller Creek road and cemetery is on right. park near white bathroom.

To the Letterbox:
Walk to the historical mark for "Felps". Go to Benjamin and Ida Phelps headstone by the big cedar tree. Box is in the base of the cedar on side nearest headstone. Confederate flag was right in front of the place. PS - Cooleys grave is very near, look for flat on ground full grave cover stone.