State Tree Series:Colorado  LbNA # 58889

OwnerFuzzy bunny    
Placed DateJul 25 2011
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By 14er Stalker
Last Found Nov 25 2011
Hike Distance?

To find the box take exit 138 west from Highway I-25 on Lake Avenue/Circle Drive until you reach the circle at the Broadmoor Hotel. Go to the left there. Keep to your right until you come to a stop sign. The road directly across is Old Stage Road, this is the road you will take. The road soon becomes gravel. At the start of the gravel road set your odometer and go 3.8 miles. Watch out for fast drivers since there are no guard rails. You will pass 2 green fences and a silver fence along the way, and if you have reached the Stables at the Broadmoor you have gone too far. After the 3.8 miles you will reach a boulder with a smiley face and a forest service informative sign. From the road in front of the :) boulder check your compass and walk northeast 40 steps down the road. You will reach a sign that says "Stop Ahead". From the road, walk to the Colorado Blue Spruce to your left, behind the Ponderosa Pine. Standing on the right side of the Blue Spruce facing the road take 2 paces. Your Colorado Blue Spruce is under a long flat rock hidden by smaller rocks. Please reseal and rehide well.

****PLEASE NOTE: This is a dirt/gravel road with many steep hills and many sharp hairpin turns. Do not attempt to drive this road in the winter or after a heavy rain.****