Bugle Mystery  LbNA # 589 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPungent Bob      
Placed DateSep 28 2002
Location???, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

TERRAIN: Requires a short scramble up a fairly steep trail but nothing particularly dangerous. The trail can be dangerous in places, but you need not go where it is. Brett carried Grace (15 months old) on his back the whole way. If it looks like no one would carry a baby where you are, you’re in the wrong place/part of the trail.

CLUES (Difficult): Find a gemm of a location in Oregon where a mighty band gathers. See the band almost any day November through April and occasionally the rest of the year. If you go early mornings in mid-September to mid-October you may be lucky enough to hear the band of brothers blowing their bugles. Once you’ve found this location, head west a few miles to a wooden abode where finned and feathered friends fall. Once there, hike up the trail. You will shortly find what you seek stashed in the south and shorter Siamese snag.

Children and the vertically challenged may require assistance.