The Lost Fair Maidens  LbNA # 58939

OwnerThe Wilson's    
Placed DateJul 31 2011
LocationStowe Park, Belmont, NC
Found By The Wilson's
Last Found Aug 6 2011
Hike Distance?

Once upon a time there were two beautiful young maidens who loved exploring nature in the great outdoors. They loved long walks in the forest and all the animals except ONE...They were terrified of this one creature and were so sad they could not spend more time in the forest because of their fear.
On this one particular day as they ventured out for a walk to pick wildflowers in the forest. They had an eerie feeling they were being watched. As they scurried along the path they encountered the largest footprint you could ever imagine. Upon closer inspection they realized it was the print of their biggest fear!!! The Fair Maidens in their hurry to leave the forest they thought were taking a shortcut but were going deeper into the forest.
Their families searched high and low for the Fair Maidens and much to their dismay the only evidence of the Maidens was the basket of wildflowers they dropped that are still alive and beautiful.
To this day the basket of flowers have been spotted still alive and just as beautiful as the day they were left located at Stowe Park in Belmont, NC.
Take the steps down to the gazebo, go right around the fountain to the tree marked Redcedar. Across the walk will be a tree marked Dogwood. Just past the Dogwood is a fence. Look behind the end of the fence under the brush against the fence and you will find the beautiful wildflowers still in bloom. Be sure and cover the wildflowers back for the next adventurous seeker. HAPPY HUNTING!!!