Allardale Country Park  LbNA # 58943

Placed DateJul 31 2011
LocationAllardale Country Park, Medina, OH
Found By KehresClan
Last Found Apr 1 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 31 2015

Contains: Ink pad, pen, stamp and a pad of paper. (Hopefully still weather proof)

This letterbox is located at Allardale Country Park in Medina off of Medina Line Road.

Park in the parking lot and start to walk down to the right. Begin your journey from the drinking fountain on your left. You will pass a picnic table and a grill on your left.

Walk for roughly .4 miles down the grassy path. You will cross over a second wooden bridge, but you will need to keep walking for a while. You will then get to a paved portion at a Y stay to the right and follow the direction of the yellow arrow on a post to your right. Cross over another wooden bridge.

You will pass a fallen tree on your right that has fallen between two other trees. Take a left just before you see the second bench down towards the stream. You will walk across 9 big rocks across the stream.

Follow the path up and to the left. Take 15 or so steps once you cross the rocks. You will then see an arched tree on your right. Walk 25 steps and you will see a big tree on your left with a hollow space in the bottom. The treasure is in the opening. If you walk up actual wooden steps you have gone too far.

If you have been successful, stamp or leave your signature.

Please return the letterbox to its original hiding place and conceal it well so that others may enjoy finding it. If the letterbox needs maintenance or attention please let us know. Thank you! Enjoy!

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-Kendra & BC