Wave of Freedom  LbNA # 58957

Placed DateJul 21 2011
LocationRobert Walsh Park, Fremont, OH
Found By Gloria Beem
Last Found May 23 2015
Hike Distance?

The location for this letterbox is found at the Robert L. Walsh Memorial Park at 610 Morrison St. in Fremont, Ohio. This is the largest park in the city park system and was made possible by a generous donatioon from Robert L. Walsh. It contains walking trails, playground equipment, a large shelter house, restrooms, a fountain and a memorial garden managed by the city of Fremont Tree and Beautification Commission. The park was dedicated to Robert L. Walsh July 4, 1996. Mr. Wal;sh was an avid walker wo enjoyed nature. While here, be sure to explore the fountain just inside the main gate and read the names on the Veteran Walkway honoring Veterans who served in the U.S. military. This letterbox is dedicated to them.

When entering the park, follow the drive down the hill and park in the lot at the bottom before going around the curve to the pavillion. Get out of your car and cross the paved drive and go left. Circle around right of the small patch of woods in front of you to a path just behind. Walk this wide path/trail till you are standing under power lines that run through the woods. Go 22 normal steps onward and turn to your right. There will be a tree along the edge of the path. Look behind it for what you seek. It is lodged in between branches that lie low to the ground and covered with black tape for better concealment. After stamping in, be careful to replace it so it can't slide on down the hill and concealed from other hikers.