Orange Blossom Special  LbNA # 5896 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 30 2003
LocationOakdale, CA
Found By PenGwen
Last Found Mar 25 2005
Hike Distance?

Take Highway 120 / 108 East of Oakdale to Orange Blossom Rd. (About 2 miles from last Oakdale signal light.) Turn left onto Orange Blossom Road and follow it until you cross the Stanislaus River (Orange Blossom Bridge). The park is immediately on your left off of Rodden Road. Park in the parking lot.
This is a great place for a picnic if you are traveling to the Sierras, or going to Yosemite. It is also the back entrance to Knights Ferry and the covered bridge if you decide to continue to drive east along Orange Blossom Road.
From the parking lot, follow the trail west along the river. As you exit the picnic area you will cross over a footbridge. Stay on the trail as you continue winding along the river and your westerly trek. You will eventually come to a small open area that has a toilet, garbage can, a large culvert pipe that goes under the road to your right, and another footbridge. You are about at the half way mark! The trail ends in a loop. Stand at the start of the loop and walk back 20 paces (East) to a dead log on the up hill side of the trail. (now on your left). You will find the box along side the log. If you pass under the arched trees you are 12 paces east of the log! (During the winter months, the arched saplings are not much of an arch!)