Mosquito Creek Mania  LbNA # 58961 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2011
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationMosquito Creek, North Vancouver, BRC
Planted Bytwinkletoes    
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Hike Distance?

1. Begin in North Vancouver at the end of Del Rio Drive off Queens Ave (near William Griffin Rec Centre)
2. At the end of the road, go straight along the main gravel path.
3. After a few minutes, you will walk over a small wooden bridge at the bottom of a small hill. At the top of this hill, look to the left and see an open area with a rope swing.
4. Continue up along main path and go over the yellow bridge on the right.
5. Turn left and follow the path down (careful not to go up the stairs!)
6. Cross over running water in the path twice, then enter the fern forest.
7. Go under a log bridge. After about 30 paces from the log bridge you will see a large stump on the right. Look for the letterbox in the roots.
Following the trail will take you back to the main gravel path and the starting point. This path is popular with dog walkers and close to Edgemont Village. Perhaps after finishing you can go to the Village to enjoy the bookstores and coffee shops.