Be Green  LbNA # 59004

Placed DateJul 4 2011
LocationAirline Road, Beddington, ME
Found By The Aroostook Sleuth
Last Found Aug 11 2014
Hike Distance?

State Route 9 runs through most of Maine's major cities including Biddeford, Saco, South Portland, Portland, Augusta, and Bangor. Its leg from Bangor to Calais is often referred to as "The Airline" commonly thought to be due to its shorter route than the older U.S. 1. (Before the coming of air travel, the term airline often referred to such a shortcut.) All along "The Airline" you will see miles and miles of the trees, mostly white pines, that give Maine the nickname of the Pine Tree State. Everywhere you look you see trees, green and beautiful. Take a casual ride along "The Airline" and enjoy the wonders of nature. Be Green and take care of the environment, your children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will thank you!

Find your way to the Mopang Turnout near mile marker 243 on Maine Route 9, known as "The Airline". Go to the east end of the truck turnout and look for 5 cedars in a row. What you seek is under the middle tree.