Up & Down  LbNA # 59009

Placed DateJul 6 2011
CountyNew Brunswick, CAN
LocationLapreau Falls Provincial Park, Lepreau, NBR
Found By Marocma
Last Found Feb 25 2012
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During our recent visit to the Lepreau area of NB, we visited the rocky seacoast of Little Lepreau Marsh, walked the ocean floor off Little Lepreau peninsula, and watched the awesome power of Lepreau Falls. Lepreau Falls are located on the Lepreau River, nearby the hamlet of Lepreau in southwestern New Brunswick. The Lepreau river is a tidal river that goes up and down an average of 18-28 feet twice daily. Lepreau Falls appears to be the boundary for the tidal effects of the water, blocking further rises upstream. The ledge type falls boast significant flow from a wide river, with many small steps above the main falls. Large pools lie below both steps of waterfall.

To get there, head along Highway 1 towards Point Lepreau. Take Route 790, then go west on Route 795 until you reach Lepreau Falls Road. Take the falls road, turn left into the park. Take the upper walkway to view the top. Just past the summit of the walkway look for a Cedar on the right. What you seek is in the mouse house behind some bark. Be sure to check out both observation decks with views of both the top and bottom of the falls.