Manatee Memories  LbNA # 59031

OwnerWyandotte Wanderers    
Placed DateMay 3 2011
LocationHomosassa Springs State Wildlife Park, Homosassa, FL
Found By chaddy233
Last Found Feb 6 2013
Hike Distance?

-Go to the park where the manatee play

-Go to the main entrance(you can drive for free or pay an entrance fee and ride the boat)

-In the parking lot with your back to the manatee mailbox, head to the parking spaces lined in blue.

-Walk toward the lined in blue parking space farthest to the right.

-Following the last 2 lines in blue and white to the right, walk 11 paces forward to two rocks in the dirt. Between these two rocks (slightly under the biggest one) you will find your prize!

PLEASE be very careful not to get caught! this is a very high traffic area.