Trip through the Trees  LbNA # 59039

OwnerReading Runner    
Placed DateAug 4 2011
LocationAlgona, IA
Found By birdwith3eggs
Last Found Sep 2 2012
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Trip through the Trees

Welcome to Algona, Iowa!

Drive to the junction of Highway 169 and Highway 18 north of Algona. It is called “The Four Corners” in Algona and has two of our older businesses, Pioneer and The Chrome Truck Stop to the north.

Proceed north 2.5 miles to Smith Lake on the west side of Highway 169. Turn left into the Smith Lake entrance. Follow the sign to the boat ramp and the tree garden. Park near the red foot bridge and then cross that bridge.

Veer right at the Smith Lake Tree Garden sign and follow the path.

Turn left at #41. (Get a Smith Lake Tree Garden brochure at the Water’s Edge Nature Center or unscramble the following letters to find the name of this tree) (ked aro).

As you walk along the path, you will see two benches for viewing the lake on your left in the near distance.

At #16, turn left ( novelia surnsi). Vere left and pass #13 (chysto lunoe) .

Just past #12 (dear pelm), turn south toward the lake and locate three small cedar trees. Walk between the two on the right toward the lake.

At the base of the pyramid, you will found success!

After you do your stamping and recording, remember to leave the letterbox notebook and the letterbox stamp in the letterbox. This is not a geo-cache where you take something and leave something else. Enjoy the fun, but return the letterbox intact to its hiding spot for the next person to find.