Optical Illusion #1: Prairie Tower  LbNA # 59042 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 4 2011
LocationParagon Office Park, West Des Moines, IA
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Special notes: It is highly recommended you do this box after sunset. The Italian glass mosaic reflect the spotlights so well it appears to be illuminated from the inside. This optical illusion can only be seen at night, therefore. Update: the lights appear to be on at 9pm and then shut off at some point in the night.

The Paragon Prairie Tower is one of Iowa's greatest modern pieces of art. It is absolutely stunning to behold.

From NW Urbandale Ave and Meredith Ave, take Meredith West and you will see the tower rising. Park and walk to it.

When you can read "The tower is clad in a tapestry of Italian glass mosaic from Ravenna, Italy" and "The tower appears ever-changing and welcomes you to new discoveries with each visit and new perspective" walk straight ahead as the crow flies.

Where white stone meets cement wall, its buried under rock.

The stamp is an optical illusion as well. Keep an eye out for future optical illusion stamps in this series.

Please rebury well with plenty of rocks on top. Thanks.