Shingobee Birch in the Thistles  LbNA # 59086

OwnerThe Wolfpack    
Placed DateAug 7 2011
LocationAkeley, MN
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Sep 7 2015
Hike Distance?

The Shingobee Recreation Trail system is located in a beautiful area of northern Minnesota. You'll see rolling hills, fields, meadows, pines, rivers, lakes; the whole bit!!
The Shingobee Birch in the Thistles letterbox is almost smack in between Walker and Akeley on HWY 34. You’ll start your search at the Chippewa National Forest Picnic Area which is located on the East side of the Highway 34, 5 miles north of Akeley and 5 miles south of Walker. Note: this letterbox was placed in August and was easy enough for our family to walk, but the youngest had to be carried at some points due to the tall grasses… and taller-than-me-thistles…so it would be a GREAT spring find!!
Once you’ve parked and had your picnic and visited the potty with the great echo , it’ll be time to head out onto the trail. You’ll walk about .25 miles until you see a fork- take the trail to the right. Just a little ways ahead on your left is the Adirondack shelter. Stop here and look to the right where you’ll see a small clearing surrounded by pines. Head into the clearing about 31 paces- up the hill with the trail and the shelter at your back. In the clearing to your right you’ll see a forked birch tree. The letterbox is tucked at the downhill side of the base covered by birch bark and branches. Watch out for those thistles- they like to getcha! Please close tightly and cover again when you’re done stamping away!!
Feel free to follow the trail more and see the sights!! I have attached a link so you can easily plan your little trip! ENJOY!! And don’t forget the bug spray!!