Leifs magic box, fern trail and craw river *** ON  LbNA # 59091

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateAug 8 2011
LocationWaubedonia park, Fredonia, WI
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 8 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 28 2015

This box was placed for my son in honor of his magical name. Leif. You will start your magical quest in the land of Fredonia. Waubedonia park is situated between the Milwaukee river shoreline and the west side of the village of Fredonia. If you are coming from the east you will drive through Fredonia and will see the park enterance to your left. Enter the first enterance. If you are coming from the west, pass the first enterance directly next to the river and take the second enterance.
Your first quest is to locate the g section shelter. Walk up to this fine shelter and walk past the bathrooms on the west side of this structure. Straight ahead will be a walking path. Take this path, it is on the left if you are looking at both trails on the side of the structure. you will be walking towards the mysterious river.
Your second quest is to seek the magical bridge. Carefully pass over this bridge careful not to alert any trolls hidden underneath. Stay to your left. An old fire hearth is what you seek. Look for the section f sign and walk 7 paces to the east. A broken tree you shall see. Inside the sad stump your treasure be. The first finder of this box will receive a fine gift. Good luck!

Box #2 can be found on the beautiful fern trail. Look for section E. You will see a paved road that curves into the rest of the park, you will see a triangular shaped fence post. To your right you will see a finely ground crushed rock trail. It is marked by a rotten tree stump to your right, followed by a cluster of picnic tables. This pathway follows along the edge into a forest of ferns. Walk a fourth way down the path and look for a large tree stump to your left.. Across from it is a cluster of 5 trees. At the base of the large stump is a knotty hole..look inside the end. Stamp up and rehide well. If you walk ahead there is a pavilion with restrooms and water fountain to take a drink.