Butterflys' journey  LbNA # 59098

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateAug 9 2011
LocationHawthorn hills county park, Saukville, WI
Found By Sea Buddha and Me
Last Found May 4 2016
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedAug 2 2016

Butterflies love milkweed, the place where you will be searching for this letterbox is filled to the brim with milkweed if you are searching in the warm seasons. Butterfly starts it's journey as a caterpillar hanging from milkweed.. Hawthorn hills is your park to start.
Hawthorne hills county park is located behind pioneer village on county I between the towns of Saukville and Fredonia. You will drive behind pioneer village and take the drive way to your left that points to the public park. Take the one way drive to your right and park at the bottom of the hill where there is a pull off and a pathway behind it. Take this pathway into the forest. You will notice a birch that crosses over the pathway and a very rocky trail. Take this trail until you see a yellow trail sign, follow the trail to your right and cross the plank over the marsh. You will walk a short path to a small bridge that crosses a babbling brook, walk over this bridge, and walk up the short hill. You will notice a pond to your right.. Butterflies stop for a drink at this pond on their journey. Be careful, other critters like passing this pathway too! You will walk this trail until it turns into a small stony path. Follow it and look for butterflies! You will see a green/ blue trail sign to your right, take a right and follow this trail. You will see a large stone to your left and a large stone to your right... You are close! When you get to the " t" trail you will see a large rock and an even larger rock to your left. Walk behind the largest rock, and notice the birch trees? In the cluster of birch, one large, one small.. On the ground Butterfly is taking a break before it's long journey. Stamp up and read about butterfly migration. Be careful to rehide just as you found. Enjoy the beautiful hiking trails of Hawthorne hills county park!