Wedding Mystery  LbNA # 591

OwnerPungent Bob        
Placed DateJan 16 2003
LocationMystery, OH
Found By(hidden)


The Wedding Mystery Letterbox was placed by Brett on January 16, 2003 somewhere in the Midwest in honor of Jane and Joes wedding on January 18, 2003. To find this box, decipher the clues below.

TERRAIN: Easy. Snowy and darn cold (below 0F with wind chill!) when I placed it!

CLUES (Medium):

State: They went back there and her city was gone.
Metro area: Numbers 22 and 24; not the Cookie Monster
City: Teacher, counselor

Find the savage, yet cultured, wood center.

Take the trail starting at the gazebo.

Go to the T and ponder your choices.

Choose the right direction; otherwise you'll have no luck left.

Find the center of it all and proceed south.

Proceed until you find a fork supporting a fallen friend.

Spy a stump to the sinister side.