Scenic Waterway  LbNA # 59126

OwnerFour Eagles    
Placed DateAug 10 2010
LocationAugust Derleth Park, Sauk City, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found May 25 2014
Hike Distance?

Scenic Waterway

This letterbox hunt will start at August Derleth Park on Water Street in Sauk City.

Find the Turtle, Bird, and Conical at the far end. Begin your search there. Follow the paved trail on the left. Walk the trail until you see a bridge. Cross it.

Write the names on the 1st and 2nd bench with writing. (clue)

1st Bench with writing...(just the name of the person) __________________________

2nd Bench with writing (just the name of the person) __________________________

Continue walking cross the 2nd bridge at the fork in the road, Go right to the 3rd bench and write the name of the Rotary Club. (Last 2 words on bench)

3rd Bench ______________________________

Continue on to the next bench. Write the name on that bench, (Do not include in memory of or the THE...just the name - three words)

4th Bench _______________________________________
Turn around and solve the code for the final directions in your journey.

¬¬_____ ______ ______ ______
10th lettr 11th Ltr 2nd ltr 5th ltr
1st Bench 1st Bench 2nd bench 4thbench

_______ ________
1st ltr 15th ltr
4th bench 1st bench

_______ ________ ________ _________ ,
17th ltr 2nd ltr 6th ltr 5th letter
1st bench 4th bench 3rd bench 4th bench

_______ ______ _______ _______ ________ 1st ltr 3rd ltr 4th ltr 11th ltr 7th letter
4thbench 4th bench 3rd bench 3rd bench 2nd bench

________ _______ ______ ________
1st ltr 3rd ltr 4th ltr 11th ltr
4th bench 4th bench 3rd bench 3rd bench
7th Letter
2nd bench

________ _________ _________ _________ _________
10th ltr 6th letter 13th letter 9th ltr 1st letter
4th bench 4th bench 4th bench 1st bench 4th bench

Follow the above directions, and you will find the last dedicated bench. Sit down. Look across the walkway and see the tree accross. Count 3 trees to the left, lining the trail. Behind the 3rd tree is the box.

**Remember to hide it well when you put it back, as this is a busy trail!