Flyin' Fox Letterbox  LbNA # 59145 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 10 2011
LocationFox River Park, Silver Lake, WI
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Jul 10 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 26 2015

Fox River Park: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Directions: This Park is on Hwy F near Hwy W (need additional help?

****Bring a compass

**Total walking distance is just under a mile**

Background: This letterbox is actually hidden in the Frisbee golf section of the Park. Iíve been Frisbee golfing numerous times and I thought it was fun, relaxing, and oh, a perfect area to hide a letterbox! In case you donít know very much about Frisbee golfing, itís pretty easy to get the hang of. You start at a teebox (cement platform and a wooden shaft that says what hole you are on) and want to get the Frisbee in the hole (cage) in the least amount of throws. If you want to play a little Frisbee golf then find the box, go ahead! If you just want to find the box, thatís ok too! **Be cautious when finding this box, this is an extremely busy Frisbee golf course. Also, give the go ahead to any frisbee golfers (Let them pass)!!**

Clues: First, park your car in Parking Area 2. Your adventure is about to begin!! Walk towards the 1st teebox and stand on the cement platform. From here, walk North towards the tall Evergreen-like tree. Then, walk towards the 2nd teebox cement platform. While on the platform, face left (your back to the road) and set your compass bearing to 220 degrees. With this bearing, walk towards the tree on the corner (tree line). Walk the tree line all the way to the 8th teebox. Keep walking and curve left to the opening trail-like area. Now, walk to the huge tree in the center area of the opening. From the opposite side of the hollow spot in the treeís base, face forward and walk 20 steps (stride of a 6í tall person). The Flyiní Fox Letterbox rests under rocks and lumber in the base of a tree. **Markers: Blue, Green, Gray, and Brown. Be careful when finding and re-hiding this box, it is a busy area and re-hide it well!**