4 Moons in the Cemetery  LbNA # 59150

OwnerWi Biker Chick    
Placed DateAug 12 2011
LocationCalvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI
Found By Anne Duffy
Last Found Jul 9 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 27 2015

I've always been fascinated with the names of the moons that Native Americans give the full ones. So I thought I'd plant some moons for you to find in my fave cemetery, Calvary in Milwaukee. Hint: if you haven't tried my Nancy Drew Mysteries box series, check 'em out. They're in this cemetery too!

Box 1: Devil Moon
Come through the main gate and take the first left you can. You'll come to a small intersection, but keep going straight. You'll come to another intersection at Block 9, Section B. Turn right. You'll see the chapel on top of the hill. You'll then come to a fork. Take the left fork. At the end of the fork, turn left. You'll see the Deuster mausoleum on the right. Just past the mausoleum, on the left you'll see two small steps going to the Norton grave. On the left you'll see a large tree with a big opening in it. Put your face into the opening. On the left side about halfway down, you'll see the Devil. Please replace it as you found it, because it keeps falling out into the open.

Box 2: Harvest Moon
From Devil Moon, head east. You'll see some small stairs on the right and a paved path on your left. Turn left onto this path. It will curve around to the west, and then curve to the north, then back toward the west again. You'll come to a "T". Turn left. The path will curve toward the west again, and to an intersection. Go straight through the intersection. On the right you'll pass the grave for Shaunessey. You'll come to another intersection at the Goodman grave. Go staight. You'll come to a "T" at Ball-Cullen grave. Turn left. You'll see a paved drive on the right. Turn onto this drive. Up ahead on the left is the mausoleum for Patrick Cudahy. But right before you get there is a paved drive on the left. Turn left and head south. You'll see the Reilly obelisk on the right and come to an intersection. Go through the intersection and up the hill. You'll pass Block 14, Section B on the right. On the left you'll see the Kalafa grave. Stop here and head west in between the graves and walk 30 steps to a large tree with several trunks between the Franzen graves. At the base of these trunks is the Harvest Moon.

Box 3: Sturgeon Moon:
After stamping Harvest Moon, head south to a "T." Turn right at the "T" and head west. The path will automatically curve to the right. Stop here at the corner and walk diagonally across the grass towards the southwest border of the cemetery. You'll pass some large trees with their roots sticking up. As you get near to the southwest corner of the property, you'll see a couple of dense, thorny bushes. There's a hollow tree stump. Under some bark in the hollow stump is the Sturgeon Moon.

Box 4: Strawberry Moon:
The Strawberry Moon was named as the first full moon of June, and when strawberries were harvested. You can't miss the chapel on the hill in this cemetery, but it's at the easternmost section of the cemetery. Drive or walk up toward the chapel. You can't drive all the way up the hill, so at some point, you'll have to hoof it. The easiest way is on the south side of the hill is a paved road, usually blocked with a thick wire you can't drive through. Walk up the paved road though, and on the left side you'll see a huge grave that says "Fox". There are trees behind the grave. Look to the tree that is closest to the "F" of the Fox name. Reach into the skinny branches, and the Strawberry Moon is resting in them. If you come here at night, during a full moon, this is both a beautiful and spooky area to be.

If you want around to the west side of the chapel, you should be able to easily see the main entrance to the cemetery and your car.

Status reports are welcome!