Get Your Feet Wet  LbNA # 59170

Placed DateAug 9 2011
LocationHell's Hollow, McConnel's Mill, New Castle, PA
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Get Your Feet Wet

Hell's Hollow is one of our favorite places to hike.
It's a former limestone quarry from the 1800's, as well as formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.

-This box is not far off the trail, and you may run the risk of being seen by others.
-Great for all skill levels.

You will need a stamp and an inkpad.

Hell's Hollow is part of McConnell's Mill, between Rt. 65 and 422.
Upon your arrival to Hell's Hollow, you'll notice how beautiful it is from the start.
It seems the further you walk, the more serene it gets.

1- Start off by walking into the woods + over the first bridge. Take a moment to watch and listen to the stream.
Lots of little creatures in there.. No swimming!
2- Continue on the dirt trail until you reach the fork in the path. For a brisk hike, take the path to the right that leads to the waterfall.
3- You'll walk over the first bridge and notice a lot more trees are down this year.
*The stream was almost dry when we were here.
While enjoying your hike, take note of all the pretty flowers.
4- As you continue, after about 5-10 minutes of sight seeing, you'll cross the second + last bridge.
5- Continue a few paces and there you'll see a giant 'slingshot' lying down on your right.
6- Take a left here, and cross the stream if possible. (Or stream bed as it is now) where the path is to your left.
7- On the other bank, keep right for about 12 ft, till the 'island ' ends. Now hike up through the weeds into the woods, keeping left.
Be aware of possible poisonous plants. We didn't notice many in this area.
8- After a short distance, there's another large 'slingshot' on the ground.
9- Your prize is near the middle, between the tree and ground, concealed by a pile of sticks/ leaves on either side. It's well hidden, so don't get discouraged.

Please enjoy this box, and leave it as you found it,
without littering or drawing attention from 'Muggles'+ vandals.
We welcome all boxers and stamps.

*Box can also be found from the Alpha Pass trail.
(In between 2 paths where stream is shallow)
*if the stream is too high to cross, or if you have any concerns, please let us know.

*Other boxes are in the area. We recommend taking at least an hour or two to enjoy your visit and LB hunt.