Old Friends  LbNA # 59177

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateAug 14 2011
LocationOld Plank Road Trail, Plymouth, WI
Found By Sea Buddha and Me
Last Found May 16 2016
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedMay 4 2016

This letterbox is honor of our old friendships. The friends we have been lucky enough to hold onto through jobs, relationships, children growing up and a million other crazy life circumstances. In particular it was placed for my friend Sherry. I introduced her to letter boxing and her children had a blast. After our first letter boxing adventure together I made and placed this box to honor her and all old friends that warm our hearts.
You will need to start at the Old Plank Road Trail outside of Plymouth off of Hwy57. The trail head is directly across the divided why from Fleet n Farm. Park your vehicle in the trail head lot and start on the paved trail. You will notice a garden with a stone plaque on your left. I bet he had lots of Old friends. The trail will take you along Hwy 57 and a busy meadow..it's filled with toads and grasshoppers. When you get to where the trail crosses the divided hwy you will look for the Old Plank Trail Rd sign on your right Directly behind this sign is where you will be looking for a tree. It is about 3 paces away. Look at the trees base under a rock...you've found it!
Stamp up and let us know who your best old friends are.