Mission 1  LbNA # 59192

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateAug 14 2011
LocationParnell tower, Cascade, WI
Found By i dig toasters
Last Found Sep 29 2013
Hike Distance?

This box was placed in honor of getting new people interested and exposed to the fun of letter boxing. How it brings people together and allows us to experience the great outdoors and learn new things about our surroundings, Your quest begins at Parnell Tower.
Located in Kettle Moraine State Forest, near the intersection of County Highway A and Kettle View Road

Park in the lot and start your hike at the main trail marked with a trail map and lots of stairs! Walk up the set of the stairs, you will go down a set and up another. Go to the top of the trail and head to the tower.
When you get the base of the tower, go to the far left post, you will see small trail heading down the hill, take it 15 paces. You will see a mossy rock at the base of a tree to your left, with a log laying on it's side. Look where this log intersects with a tree stump, this is where you will find mission 1 box. Stamp up and climb Parnell tower... What an amazing view!