All creatures big and small hear the wind howl  LbNA # 59192

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateMay 9 2016
LocationHarrington Beach State Park, Belgium, WI
Found By RedBeard
Last Found Jul 8 2016
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedJul 8 2016

This box was placed in honor of my friend Jenny. We met years ago when I was leaving an abusive relationship. Her friendship has gotten me through Some very dark days. You will find 4 boxes in a dark forest. But you will notice the sun shining through the forest canopy on a nice day. In all dark places there is light if you continue on the path. Please leave a message of hope to those suffering abuse, or a note of survival if you have escaped it. We are strong and we will never hurt again.
Your journey starts at Harrington Beach State Park just east of Belgium Wisconsin. It is a beautiful park that features beach access to Lake Michigan, a quarry, wildlife trails and historical landmarks throughout. A state park sticker or day pass is required for park entry.
Park at the Adolph and Marie Ansay welcome center. Go to the do not enter sign. Head south to the trailhead next to the pot kiln. You will be on the white tail trail. This is a Cedar Swamp and has a lot of beautiful deadfall. You will pass the little quarry on your right. Keep walking. Look for the Cedar Swamp sign on your right. Walk 10 paces on the trail from this sign. stop! Now walk 5 paces to your right. Look inside the tree for box #1- Sleepy Mouse. After stamping up and rehiding, head back to the trail.
Walk to the next sign. It will be on your left and has no official markings except the markings left behind by hikers armed with sharpies. Walk 5 paces to your left. Look inside the end of the first log. Box #2- Narcissus. Stamp up and rehide. Head back to trail.
Keep walking until you see the whitetail trail East fork on your left. Stay right. Walk 10 paces past the trail fork and look to your left. Rooty tree protects your box #3-Owl, Stamp up and rehide well.
Box number 4-Gypsy Moth. Can be found where the wind howls. Look for the hear the wind howl sign. Walk 13 paces to your right, it will be in the toppled tree root. You've found it!
Now you can explore the rest of Harrington. Be on the look out for the 3 legged deer and the waterfall at the large quarry.