Mermaids tears  LbNA # 59193

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateAug 14 2011
LocationSouth beach, Port Washington, WI
Found By aimlesst
Last Found Jul 6 2016
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedJun 7 2016

There was a beautiful mermaid that lived in lake Michigan for many years. Her name was Erygium.She was a kind mermaid that helped many poor fishermen find their way back home on stormy nights. She was even said to save several dogs and ice fishermen who fell through the ice. But as kind and beautiful as she was, she was the saddest mermaid that ever swam the port of Port Washington. Her father King Northern named her after the beautiful flowers that blossomed along the lake shore. Wisconsin has many species of Erygium and for short it's nickname is Sea Holly.
Poor Erygium loved the flowers sprinkled along Lake Michigans shoreline, but could never play on shore and enjoy them. Every time she had a sea gull pluck them for her, they died and fell apart when she tried placing them in her under water home. This box was placed along her favorite beach and has her tears inside. Please stamp up and take only one tear to remember her by. The stamp in her box is a flower for you to enjoy as well. If her tears are getting low please email us so we can refill them.
You will start your journey at the south beach in Port Washington. It is located next to the power plant. Follow the signs. Once parked you see a large stone marking the beach..walk down to the shore. Could Erygium still be here?
Take a right, heading south. Hug the beach pathway to the right. Walk the beach until you come to the second life preserver post. Stop. Head back the way you came 15 paces. Head away from the water up into the brush and you will see some concrete. Look in between to find the mermaids tears. This box placed in loving memory of Joan Brewer. A Native Cree whom returned to the Great Lakes on 12/26/2012. We love you and miss you.