Lime Kiln in grafton  LbNA # 59198 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateAug 15 2011
LocationLime Kiln Park, Grafton, WI
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Feb 19 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 9 2015

Your journey starts at Lime Kiln Park in Grafton. Park in main parking lot by the iron bridge and kilns. You will see a message board with information about the 5 original lime kilns and history about the iron bridge. Go straight from this sign board to the forest edge. You will see a trail ahead of you. If you take the trail to your right you can explore an abandoned structure. What could it have been. Your quest is not on this path. Take the path in front of you instead, it takes you down the hill. You will see a pond in front of you. Follow the trail to your left along the pond. It is a narrow path with slippery careful. The path will end at a waters edge. Hop across the rocks, and head into the pathway in front of you. You will notice a rock wall in front of you. Look for the small tree directly in front of the rock wall. From this tree walk 2.5 paces to your left and look will see a hole at the base of the rock wall. Look under the leaves. Your letterbox is here!