Rock Rabbit  LbNA # 59202

Placed DateAug 14 2011
LocationShellrock Lake, Ripplebrook, OR
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Hideaway Lake might be a good place to hide a letterbox, but we went on. We took the trail to Shellrock Lake which is approximately 38 miles east of Estacada off State Highway 228 to Forest road 57, to FR 58, then 5830. The letterbox was placed after the Stargazer’s Gathering #4, and backpacking to 5 of the lovely lakes in this wilderness area.

A bit more background . . . this stamp was recycled from Pika LTC. The calls of the pika can be heard on the rocky slopes: peek!. Hope you journey on and enjoy the sights and sounds of the great NW.

A hop to get it: Take the trail from the parking lot toward Shellrock Lake. Notice the Wilderness designation sign on the tree to the right, at the flat rock on the trail to the left find the older trail. Take ten steps back down the trail. Stop – site the former sign at a compass reading of 70 degrees. To the right of your feet are twin rocks. Happy trails :)