Douglas County Open Space: Box 9 Hummers Paradise  LbNA # 59255

OwnerThe Woodshed    
Placed DateAug 19 2011
LocationGlendale Farm Open Space, Surrey Ridge, CO
Found By the.lovebugs2004
Last Found Oct 20 2012
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Douglas County Open Space: Box 9 Hummers Paradise

Glendale Farm Open Space is a truly valuable community resource that preserves scenic views. Although the farm buildings no longer stand, remnants of a barnyard and orchard remind us of the dedicated spirit of the early pioneers who came to farm this challenging land. Check out this link to get further information of this Open Space and directions on how to get there. This place is gorgeoous and is on the EAST side of I 25. If you like to hike, give yourself time to do the loop. There is also a wonderful dog park for those who have dogs and need someplace to let them run.
Now for a short word about the stamp in this box. In the springtime many people anxiously await the return of the entertaining little hummers. Colorado has about ten species that travel thru our state but we basically have four species that spend much time here. We have the Broad-tail, Calliope, Black Chinned and the mean little Rufous. I love watching these little creatures, especially if they are fighting over a feeder.

From the parking lot step over the log at the beginning of the trail heading east. At the first Y intersection, bear right. Go up the hill about 50 yards to a Mountain Currant bordering the right side of the trail. You can see this large bush from the Y. Look in the middle of bush about 18 inches in for the SPOR. Lock 'n' lock container. You will be in a very open area in a popular open space. Please be discrete. Enjoy the wonderful view while recording your find. Carefully rehide after stamping in. This box is a couple minutes or so from the parking lot. I almost marked it as a drive by, but I personally wouldn't return to my car to stamp in. There are picnic tables in the area. However, the grass is very long and all of Douglas County Open Spaces have rattle snakes. Be very cautious if you decide to walk to one of the tables.

Journal and hand carved stamp. Please bring your own ink. Green, blue, and pink will make a lovely stamp. A sample is inside the journal.