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OwnerWolf Dancer    
Placed DateAug 19 2011
LocationCocolalla, ID
Found By Wolf Dancer
Last Found Aug 12 2013
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Wolf People

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Stamp Pad

Every now and then, you run into someplace special, run by someone special….such is the case with this letterbox.

Located on Hwy 95 approximately 12 miles south of Sandpoint, Idaho, on the left side of the Highway, near Cocolalla Creek, there is a very special place where wolves and people come together. If you come from Couer d’Alene, go north approximately 35 miles, between mile markers 461 and 462. Inside this place, behind the counter, you will find a letterbox containing a very unique stamp and the familiar log book.

WOLF PEOPLE was formed in 1993 to educate the public about wolves. Shortly after moving to North Idaho with several wolf dogs and one pure wolf, Nancy Taylor realized that people knew very little about this beautiful, intelligent animal. She was tired of hearing "aren't you afraid they are going to turn on you" or "have they ever attacked you"?

So, when a building went up for sale close to home, Ms. Taylor bought it with the intention of turning it into a Wolf Education Facility where she could teach about wolves and show the loving side of them that she has come to know and love.

Ms. Taylor has lived with wolves for 20 years and currently has 17 wolves in her pack with several wolf cubs. Not only does she educate at her facility, she goes out into the public with her wolves to schools, parks, and places of business. She also has daily tours up to the main compound for people to meet the rest of the pack and see them as they live in their natural habitat. The tours are fun, educational, enlightening and photographers have a ball.

Ms. Taylor has made an educational video with her wolves that is 48 minutes long, full of wolves and wolf information. She also offers franchises and presently has a franchise in South Dakota with more interests in Montana, California and Arkansas.

There is much controversy about the wolf today, and Ms. Taylors goal is to continue to educate the public and legislators so that the wolf will be protected and allowed to live in the wild and be left alone to keep our ecosystem alive and well balanced.

Some of Ms. Taylors wolves have been in the movies. Back in 1993, 3 of her little wolf hybrid cubs made a movie called "White Wolves ll, Legend of the Wild". Ms. Taylor had the honor of being the trainer and handler, and what a wonderful experience that was for her.

In 2008, one of her cubs went to an animal trainer who has a licensed facility in Canada. He named her "Sweet Pea" and he took her to Siberia, Russia, to star in the movie "WOLF", which was released in December 2009.

This year he got 2 of Ms. Taylors wolf cubs to play the part of being her cubs this spring which will finish the movie. They all flew by "private jet" from Canada to Russia. Ms. Taylor does not know about the babies, but she is certain that "Sweet Pea" will be in many more movies as the trainer was very impressed with her intelligence and acting ability.

Ms. Taylor will try to have copies of the movie to purchase in the store. Please feel free to ask at the counter. She has some photos of "Sweet Pea" on the movie set that she would like to share with you. “Sweet Pea” is the daughter of beautiful Coco Cabe and Hedge. Unfortunately Hedge passed away shortly before she was born. He will live in the hearts of the handlers and through his beautiful daughter, "Sweet Pea!"

Ms. Taylor has pictures of the making of the movie and you will see them as you enter her store.

To book a tour, please call Wolf People at: 208-263-1100

For more information, please join Ms. Taylor at her web site:


As with all Tow Troll, Troll Keeper letterboxes…..first to find gets a gold coin. Good luck and happy hunting.

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