Stargazer Sculpture  LbNA # 59260

Placed DateAug 20 2011
LocationLipscomb, TX
Found By Romo Who
Last Found Sep 17 2011
Hike Distance?

Stargazer Sculpture


Directions to Letterbox: Coming into Lipscomb from the south on Hwy 305, go past the Wolf Creek Heritage Museum and turn right at the next street – Spur 188. Go approximately 5 blocks – the Stargazer sculpture will be located on the corner of Spur 188 and Fourth Street. Walk north from the sculpture to the fire pits. There are 3 rock pits with round metal lids on them. The box will be found in one of the pits …. Happy hunting!

Information regarding the Stargazer sculpture: The large metal sculpture, entitled The Stargazer, was commissioned by Jan Luna in memory of her brother, Randy Shattuck. Randy was a drag-fisherman who was lost at sea in 1984. Randy’s boat nor the crew were ever found. The sculpture artwork was rendered by Lightnin’ McDuff.