The Short Snorter Letterbox  LbNA # 59269

Placed DateAug 20 2011
LocationEnaville, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 27 2013
Hike Distance?

A few years ago I was doing some research about WWII. I love history. During this research I ran across a curiosity. Something called a short snorter. Man, did that ever open up a mass of learnin'! Check out this website. It's awesome and will tell you about short snorters.

Back to the letterbox:
After the history lesson I realize I wanted my own short snorter. So on one of our adventures, one in which we landed at the Snake Pit, I decided to have my companions -the Silent Partner and Snakeboy sign a dollar bill with me while we had a soft drink.
So now I have one and I carry it with me. Cause, as the history goes, If they ask for it and I don't have it I'll be buying the (soft) drinks. If I do have it, the asker has to buy. ;-) Simple fun.
After a time and some planning, I decided that this needed to be a theme for a letterbox.
So here it is. The Short Snorter Letterbox.


Find your way to the Snake Pit or you can start at the town of Cataldo, either way works nicely for this. From either place, find the Trail of the Coeur d'Alene bike trail.
From the Snake Pit the trailhead is just across the street. There is a parking lot, restrooms, a couple of picnic tables, and a sign that tells you about songbirds that can be seen in the area.
From Cataldo the trailhead parking lot is on the south side of East Canyon Rd a.k.a. Riverview Dr. You'll want to park there and then cross this road to head northeast on the
bike path.
From either place, travel either by foot, bike or some other wheels as long as they are not motorized.
From the Snake Pit the distance needed to be traveled is roughly 1.5 miles.
If you are coming from the trailhead at Cataldo you will need to travel 3.3 miles.
After traveling the distance appropriate for your choice of starting place, you should see a sign on the north side of the bike path that tells you about a backwater bay. Stop and have a read.
There is a park bench near by and a picnic table tucked back from the trail to the south.
If you stand on the bike path equal distance from the park bench and the backwater bay information and face south, you can see two mountains in the distance. The first one is Frost Peak. Behind Frost and a little to it's right is Latour Baldy.
Now if you turn around you should see a game trail and three large rocks. One rock is to the right of the game trail and two are on the left side. The item you seek is behind the second rock on the left side of the game trail covered with some long grasses.
Please sign or stamp in. This Short Snorter won't have any binding attributes. It's just for fun. Hopefully it will remain in place here so I won't have to carry it around.;-) If we do meet at the Snake Pit some time maybe we can sign a real short snorter that I will carry always. Enjoying a soft drink with you would be a pleasure I'm sure.
Hope you have a fun hunt and enjoy the area. God bless, Sincerely, Sondog

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