Surry Sanctuaries  LbNA # 59310

Placed DateAug 24 2011
LocationSurry, ME
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Make your way to Blue Hill Heritage Trust Trails area called the Furth Wildlife Sanctuary & Talalay Nature Sanctuary in Surry.


If you print off the computer the trail map, be sure to check the map at start of trail to add more details. I did not do this today and got hot, tired and frustrated when the loop trail was not labeled the loop trail all the way around as I assumed and this other trial name (Old Road?!?!) not on my map kept popping up!

Head straight on the path. When you get to the intersection between the two sanctuaries, you choose which box you would like to do first. To find box 1 Furth the Beaver, take the left (apparently called Old Road) towards Furth WS. To find box 2 Talaland, take the right towards Talalay Sanctuary.

Box1: Furth the Beaver
After taking the left onto Old Road at the intersection between the two sanctuaries, continue straight until you reach the wooden bridge beside the beaver dam and lodge. Take time to enjoy the AWESOME beaver dam, lodge, paths and pointy trees. My kids loved it!

After the beaver dam take the left at the next intersection (loop trail) and keep going straight on it.

A little after the trail juts in to the stream, you will see a huge fallen tree with the bark sliding off in big sheets. Here a smaller tree has fallen across the path and under the giant tree. Where those two trees intersect, to the right a little under the sheet of bark is Furth the Beaver.

(to get back the intersection between the sanctuaries, you can turn around, as we did, unaware of the loop's second half being called Old Rd- or you can test your luck and continue along around the loop)

Box2: Talaland
CLUES: at the intersection between the two sanctuaries, take the right toward Talalay. You will come to the part of the trail where the loop begins. THere is a tree that has a sign "LOOP" on it.

For a quick trip, just to get the box...take the left. To do the entire loop, take the right, which I would recommend since there is a really nice part of cedar forest with a mossy floor and board walk. At first this trail is a little sketchy and hard to follow but just keep checking and you can see the beaten foot path easily enough until the pink ribbons come more frequently.

Either way you go around the loop, come to the log bridge over a small gully with a stream. If you come from the short left, cross the stream and sit your bum on the end of the bridge, feet on the path. If you came from the longer right loop, do not cross the bridge, sit on the edge of the bridge with your bum on the bridge and your feet on the path that you just came from. Look to your 9:00left up in the air and you will see a tree that looks like a snake at the top. At 10-11:00left you will see on the forest floor a moss covered log. Talaland is behind/under that moss covered log.