Northeast Portland Snail Trail  LbNA # 59317

Ownersnail trail    
Placed DateAug 25 2011
LocationPortland, OR
Found ByChurch Mice (Attempted)
Last UpdateAug 26 2013
Hike Distance?


Begin at the bathrooms
By the Grant park playground
Head east on a path towards
A doggie barking sound.

After the dogs,
Go further on the path ‘till
You see a penguin
On top of a hill.

Take a left at the penguin,
Go through the hole
In the fence that does not
Have a green pole.

Follow the flowers
Around the black
Then go out the gate and
Don’t turn back.

Don’t be rude to the Holly
(Outside the fence you will be)
Just keep following the flowers
‘Till you get to the T.

When you’ve gone that far
Turn left at the T
When you hear the ladies cackle,
You’re where you need to be.

Once you’ve crossed Knott,
Mathison, Stanton, and Morris;
Go onto Siskiyou,
Don’t ignore us.

See the water garden?
It’s really quite a sight.
When you’re done looking
Go to the next street and turn right.

The road turns west.
What do you do?
Go north again
On the Avenue!

Bend right with the road,
(You won’t see a bear)
At the neighborhood watch
You’re almost there.

When the street Merges
Look in the wall near the pole
Search in the ivy…
And you’ve reached your goal.