We are the TITANS!  LbNA # 59341

OwnerPinwheel Pioneer    
Placed DateAug 28 2011
LocationColumbus, KS
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This letterbox takes you to the home of the Fighting Titans. A look at the town website www.columbuscityhall.com will reveal what this small town holds.

My dad was a Titan, Class of 1980. To find this letter box you will need to find the institution where he and many other 'Titans' are shaped and molded to 'Fight' life's many challenges and experiences. On High School Street South, you will find the doors that would commision Titans on a western voyage. There are two hand rails. Starting at the northern rail, face north and navigate 15 steps. To your 'starboard' side, you will see a stone ground protector under a rain spout. Using your 'TITANic' force, move this protector and find your that your mission is complete!