Tomb of the Unknown Skeletal Remains  LbNA # 59355 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 29 2011
LocationRoute 91 and Northmoreland, Munroe Falls, OH
Found By Quarry Quest
Last Found Nov 27 2011
Hike Distance?

Enter the new Munroe Falls Metro Park - Tallmadge Meadows at Route 91 and Northmoreland. Follow the winding road to the parking lot. Walk past 2 benches and a kiosk and follow the paved path until it dead ends. Turn left and continue along the path downhill until you come to another short path on your left. Take the short path through iron fences which may be marked with American Flags. From here you will be following a rugged dirt path. Immediately upon entering this abandoned cemetary, you will see to your right a cut down tree. Beyond it about 20 feet will be a tombstone possibly marked by flags. Please take the time to honor the Tomb of the Unknown Skeletal Remains. Return to the path and meander along (watch out for prickly brush) about 100 feet. To your left you will find 2 tombstones placed back to back about 2 feet apart. Please honor these as well. Return to the path and continue on passing between 2 trees. Shortly after going between the trees you will see a 3 trunked tree on your right. Take 21 paces along the trail from this point. Look to your left and you'll notice 2 skinny trees about 15 feet off the path. At the base of the first tree you'll notice a log covered by 2 sections of bark. Under this in the hollow of the tree is where you'll find what you seek. Please return the box as you found it. Thanks for taking the time to visit my 1st letterbox. You can now return as you came, or follow the path outside the cemetary fence through the woods or around the meadow. Have a blessed day!