Having Fun with Animals  LbNA # 59358

OwnerHusky Hikers    
Placed DateAug 29 2011
LocationBlue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, Purcellville, VA
Found By Kirbert
Last Found Jun 10 2013
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Having Fun with Animals

Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship
11661 Harpers Ferry Road
parking at trail head, grab a map if you want
website: www.blueridgecenter.org

This is an amazing place to visit. Take in a workshop, hike the many trails, purchase from the CSA. A great local resource!

UPDATE: AS OF JUNE 26, 2012 BOX FISH OUT OF WATER AND BOX BIRDBATH ARE MISSING:-(. I will try and make again soon...

1. Toadstool

From signpost #4 walk until trail splits in two
Many toads, frogs and turtles abound,
but this silly toad wants to be found.

90 degrees South find the twin towers and
at the base of the tower on the left
the toad awaits with baited breath.

2. Fish out of Water

Not the toadstool you were expecting to find?
This next is the only fish of its kind.

Proceed left on the trail split in two
in the clearing continue on the Farmstead Loop.

At #7 make a left,
down the hill, please watch your step.

Have some fun at the water hole
till it's time for you to go.

Head back up the same hill until you see
a tree on the right, the shape of letter "V".

Turn left and see Baby, Mamma and Pappa rocks
watch out for stickers, pull up your socks.

The left side of Mamma, down all the way,
Lives this fishy, deep in it's cave.

UPDATE: they shifted the trail...no more "V" tree...now go directly to Mamma rock on left side of trail

3. Birdbath

Poor little fishy, fresh out of drink,
but you should be grateful he doesn't stink!

Get back on trail, up hill to top,
turn left, #7 Farmstead Loop, don't stop

Until you reach #9, a hill and small path
stop at "Y" tree for the bird in a bath.

Look up at the cabin in need of repair,
between tree and fence post
box will be there.

4. Spider's Web

How clean is that bird in a bath?
Continue along this little path.

Turn right at #10, continuing Farmstead Loop
up hill, find a bench to rest if you're pooped.

A right you will take now, don't be too fast,
If you've reached Mountain View Vista Trail
you will have passed...

Go back 15 paces
turn 20 degrees (North)
10 paces to stump
You'll find the spider fast.

Hope we have tickled your funny bone
Now it is time for you to go home.

Continue on Farmstead Loop or
back the way you came,

it all ends up where you parked
just the same.
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