Michael Jordan is the Dan Gable of basketball  LbNA # 59359

Placed DateAug 30 2011
Location7025 Douglas Ave., Urbandale, IA
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A popular expression among Iowans is "Michael Jordan is the Dan Gable of basketball," which while alluding Jordan's dominance of his sport, it remains comparatively inconsequential against Gable's imprint on U.S. wrestling as both athlete and coach.

If you don’t know who Dan Gable is, you should. If you’re Iowan and you don’t know who Dan Gable is, you really should.

Dan Gable is the one of the world’s greatest athletes in one of the world’s toughest sports, amateur wrestling. To say he excelled at wrestling, Iowa’s sport, is to give him faint praise. He was a phenom and also a phenomenally hard-worker. Let’s look at the stats.

Gable lost only one match in his entire collegiate career at ISU. He went on to win an Olympic gold medal without giving up a single point. He is considered the greatest sports figure in the history of Iowa. He is considered the greatest Olympic wrestler ever.

Dan Gable is a true athlete, an exemplary American, and an Iowan we can all be proud of.


To find the stamp of Dan as he looked while wrestling for ISU, go to downtown Urbandale.

Begin at Dairy Queen. Walk to the clock. Cross the street to Urbandale’s column. From there walk south 42 steps and look in the hedge for a black pouch.

Please rehide really well. Lots of people around so be cool.

Happy hunting.