A Birding Loop Letterbox  LbNA # 59361 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMS marsh momma    
Placed DateAug 30 2011
Location6005 Bayou Heron Road, Moss Point, MS
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found Mar 16 2012
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A Birding Loop Letterbox

A Birding Loop Letterbox
Whether you live far away or really quite near,
you are always welcome at the 24th NERR.
Begin your adventure at the Coastal Resources Center
where you’ll see we’re so GREEN we’re GOLD, once you enter.
If the center is closed, or you want to skip the Grand tour,
drive south down the road towards where you can cast a lure.
Turn left at the sign that marks the Oak Grove Birding Trail,
where migrating birds drop in and stop over during a spring or fall gale.
Park your car in the lot. Lock it up tight for safe keeping.
Don’t forget your binos and field guide to enhance your bird peeping.

Be prepared for insects of all kinds (you will want to apply DEET).
Then enter the trail and cross over two bridges designed for your feet.
Follow the trail as it turns to the left.
Stay to the right where the trail forms a cleft.
Continue on straight till you reach the grove of large oaks.
This used to be home to many fine folks.
Just a friendly reminder— avoid plants with leaves three.
Poison Ivy is no fun; I am sure you’ll agree.

Keep to the left as the trail loops back to the west .
By the way, you’re almost at the end of this quest.
Walk a little bit further through a few more turns.
Here stands a mighty Live Oak tree covered in Resurrection Ferns.
When conditions are dry, these ferns are light brown and curled.
When conditions are moist, they are bright green and unfurled.
Stop now. You are close. You’re almost through with this adventure.
Look to your right, and read the sign about a flycatcher.

Then continue 80 paces down the trail to complete this activity.
You will soon reach a two-trunked, sweet gum tree with a cavity.
At the base of the tree, right next to the trail,
remove a flat rock to find your treasure without fail.
When you are finished, tuck the letterbox back into its hiding place tight;
So for the next person, it will be dry and out of sight.

Continue forward on the trail (don’t go back) to get to your car.
Just keep on walking, because the end is not far.
When you reach the “T” in the trail (earlier known as the cleft),
make a turn to the right—not to the left.
Once again take the next right, and you will never fail,
to get back to the parking lot come high water or hail.
Thanks for visiting with us today.
I hope you had a grand day in Grand Bay!