The Inn at Honey Run Series  LbNA # 59369

Placed DateAug 30 2011
Location6920 CR 203, Millersburg, OH
Found By teahaus
Last Found Jun 28 2014
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The Inn at Honey Run Series

6920 CR 203
Millersburg, OH 44654
Phone: 330-674-0011

The INN at Honey Run Series (4)
Cardinal - missing
Trillium - missing
Butterfly - at wrong location

Update as of 6/29/14 - Will try to recarve the missing stamps & replant later this summer.

The INN at Honey Run is a wonderful place nestled in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. They have lodging, creative cuisine with fine wines available, and also a Spa - all in a tree top setting! Walk their nature trails along streams, hilltops and woodlands and watch some of the 100+ species of birds. If planning to eat a meal there, please call ahead for reservations. There are maps of the trails by the front desk.

These trails are well maintained & The INN at Honey Run has these guidelines –
- Please do not hike the INN trails when there are high winds. We try to check that all dead tree limbs are removed but we cannot assure
you that one will not fall.
- Do not pick the wildflowers unless you have been given permission. Many of our wildflowers will die if you pick their blossoms.
- Please do not smoke in the woods, especially during dry periods.
- Carving initials in tree trunks is not permitted.
- Please keep to the groomed areas in our woods.

You will need a compass! Park at the 1st parking area to the left as you come up the drive. There are painted posts along the trail that will help you keep on the right trail. Take the trail by the water pump and the painted white post. Go past the bent stump, another small white post, & the sheep/goat barn. Keep left when you get to the blacktopped road. Notice the Honeycomb cottages on your right. Go on up the hill on the blacktop. Take the first grassy path to the right by the red post. Notice the Directv dish on your right. Keep going to the treeline at the top of the hill. Look to your right. (I had to revise my clue, because the bench that used to be here was moved.) Find ‘Honeycomb’ beside a flat rock and behind the tree next to the rock – the logbook will be in the last box (Butterfly).

Now go on up the hill and take the blue post trail along the tree line. Go right at the Y on the black post trail. Go left at the next Y on the green post trail. Go past the Matt + Brenda tree on your right. Keep going, past another green post on your left. Take the next path left that dead-ends at the fence. Stand beside the carved up tree on your right and look NW at 320 degrees. Take 6 steps and look down to find ‘Cardinal’. Stamp ‘Cardinal’ at the top of the honeycomb.

Go back to the main trail and go left. Go down the hill and go left on the orange post trail. Keep left at the Y. Stay left again at the next Y and head for the bench. Sit down on the bench. Look over your shoulder at 115 degrees. From the edge of the bench, go 6 steps to find ‘Trillium’. Stamp ‘Trillium’ in the bottom right honeycomb.

Head back to the main trail and go left at the orange post. Go left at the next intersection, past an orange post & then left again at the green post. Follow the winding path & down the big hill. The big green arrow points the way, down the steps and past a green post. Go past the spa and up the steps. Go left on the blacktop and down the hill past the milk cans. Go left at the next Y on the yellow post trail. Go over the wooden bridge. Turn left at the next yellow post trail and go over the second bridge which takes you over the Honey Run creek. Go left at the next Y on the yellow post trail. Go to the next yellow post near the end of the path. Turn around and back track 23 steps – look to your right for ‘Butterfly’ & the logbook, by a fallen tree.

Now head back – turn right to go back over the bridge (over the Honey Run creek). Go back up the hill, past the milk cans turn left and go under the Tree Top pavilion. Go up the steps to your right to the upper parking lot. Turn left. The Main Lodge and Restaurant are on the left. The lower lot where you parked is on the right.