Amish Series  LbNA # 59370

Placed DateJul 4 2011
LocationBerlin, Ohio, OH
Found By Gloria Beem
Last Found Jul 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Amish Series

Aug. 22nd update - If you are coming from the NE - US 62 is now open to Bunker Hill. It takes you to a 3-way stop, turn left and that takes you to County Road 77 & that will take you to SR 39 by Troyer's Cheese, turn right at the intersection of CR 77 and SR 39 to get to Berlin. Or you can turn right at the first intersection after the 3-way stop, go to the stop sign, turn left & you will be on US 62 again. US 62 is still closed right at Bunker Hill & scheduled to be open again toward the end of October.

Having put ‘rumspringa’ behind them, John & Fanny are on their way to an Amish Singin'. Help them find their horse & buggy, so they can get on their way. ‘Sprechin du Pennsylvania Deutsch’? No? Either you will have to find someone that does or try it on your own. Some of the shops and most of the restaurants will have folks working for them that will be able to translate for you, if needed. Maybe you can catch them walking on the sidewalks or eating at Boyd & Worthman’s or The Farmstead. Berlin is a wonderful old town with great shops & restaurants so come early & stay late! I have always had a soft spot for this town - my Grandparents (John & Fanny) lived here when I was young - their home is now one of the many shops along the main highway. Remember that Sunday is a day of rest and worship for the Amish. They will not be working in the few restaurants that will be open on Sunday and the shops will be closed.

Please don’t show the complete clue to translators unless they are boxers. We don’t want them to be able to locate the boxes. Also, I don't believe that Pennsylvania Dutch is a written language - so I have spelled them as they sound to me. Good Luck!

Words to have translated -
fensa puschta
hummel nescht

'Gae' to the Berlin 'Grop-hof'. Use stealth here. Find the 'din' 'gros' 'spitzich' monument. Stand facing Hoover. 'Gook' on the 'grund' by Hoover to find Horse and Buggy. There is only one logbook for this series and it's in the 'hummel nescht' with 'Off to the Singin'.

There are 2 'gros' 'vas' 'engels' located here in the 'Grop-hof'. Find the Richard Weaver & Julianna 'engel'. Looking at 310 degrees, see the pine 'bom' near Nancy Miller. Look under the top of the 'fensa puschta' on the right for Fanny.

From the Flinner 'engel', look south 180 degrees. Walk to James & Connie Stutzman. Look in the nearest 'fensa puschta' top for John.

Next, find John & Fanny's home which is now a shop called Country From the Heart. There is quite a bit of parking behind the shop. This shop has lots of unique gifts, so be sure to shop inside if you can. To find the last stamp Off to the Singin' and the logbook, 'gook' behind the shop for a woven 'hummel nescht'.