Tourists Guide to Hildebran: Henry River Village  LbNA # 59375

Placed DateMar 18 2011
LocationBakers Mountain Rd , Hickory, NC
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Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedSep 14 2015

Henry River Village is a ghost town seen by traveling south on Henry River road from Hildebran. Its history as well as other information can be found on this link. It is well monitored so if you stop to take pictures, you would do well to stay on the roadway and sidewalks and look from afar. Most of the village can be seen from its edges. Don't be surprised if some one asks you your interest in these old houses and if you want a plat map for buying all or part of the 72 acres.

History in brief: "Huddled in the hills of North Carolina, not too far outside of Hildebran, there lies a ghost town named Henry River. The abandoned homes and company store are always eerie, but there is something in the light of dusk that makes them even more so: gap-toothed windows sprout trees; slack doors open to nothing. Built in the early 1900's around a textile mill, the town peaked fast but fell soon. In fact, it hardly made it past sixty -- an age most of us would deem too young to die. In its time, however, Henry River was remarkable: it generated its own electricity and operated under its own currency; it ran its own school and its own church; swam in its own swimming hole and churned its own moonshine, but the community that once thrived now sits as empty as an unpaired shoe.

(Note the house on the right on the home page of the above site. This view is facing northish or towards Hildebran. It seems to be the only house with a 4 digit house number secured to the building. Behind you is the General Store.)I've been told the number is gone, which is unfortunate as you may not go see the town before going to box. The number was approximately 4775. If you expand the photo in the clue enough you can see the first three and guess at the last.

[NOTE: This road is currently experiencing closures due to the filming of the Hunger Games. If you look really close at the picture with this clue in the large version, you can see the number.]

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At Baker's Mtn the trail begins behind the big picnic shelter.

Stay on this trail and start counting. Take approximately the same number of strides as the house number divided by 4 to one of the park's significant markers. Stop. Enter this side area and go beyond the most obvious subject of the marker for what you seek is not here nor at its brother across the trail. At 20 steps beyond go left 3, stop and face back to the marker. Down and in direct line with your left leg.

From the main parking lot to the box and back counts for 1 NC Treasure Hiker's point or approximately 1 mile.