Wakefield Retreat  LbNA # 59436

Placed DateAug 6 2010
LocationBallards Ridge Rd & Fisher Rd, East Wakefield, NH
Found By Jane of the Jungle
Last Found Aug 8 2016
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Wakefield Retreat

East Wakefield, NH has been our family's vacation spot for years. We've enjoyed the lakes, the scenery, and the quiet atmosphere. During our latest stay, we planted this letterbox.

On the corner of Ballards Ridge Rd and Fisher Rd is a bus stop (little house). We've never seen a bus go by - and the roads are fairly quiet. Do be careful of the neighbors though - especially during weekends in the summer. The box can be found under the shelter, in the front, on the left-hand side. We placed a rock in front of it - please be careful not to push it too far underneath! Thanks and happy 'boxing!